Life After Divorce - Separation & Divorce Services

Life After Divorce Separation & Divorce Services can help you mediate with your ex-partner to agreement for property settlement and children’s matters.

We are an alternative to using lawyers!

We help people going through the legal process of separation and divorce: we work with you to negotiate for property settlements, parenting plans, filling out applications and forms, write affadavits, file in court and help you with the process.

We can issue S60I Certificates if you cannot reach agreement on Children’s Matters.

We can mediate between you and your ex-partner anywhere in the world on Property Settlement and Children’s Matters!

We can write back to the other party’s lawyer, saving you the time and cost of engaging a lawyer.

We can assess your case for you, enabling you to make a decision about whether you need a lawyer or you don’t.

We can help you write and file your Court Applications and Consent Orders.

We can coach/counsel you through the process, so you know what to do next to achieve a positive outcome in the shortest amount of time.

We can appraise you of approximate entitlements for Property and for Children’s Matters.

We can act as an Intermediary to help you negotiate with your ex-partner, diffusing and eliminating conflict between you.

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We have conducted surveys and interviews to better understand divorce experiences, and to normalize the feelings and behaviours through separation and divorce and beyond into Life After Divorce – read on

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